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Through The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd., we will provide for you the means of experiencing some of the most breathtaking places on the planet and you to return home with what will undoubtedly be some of the most amazing experiences of your life. We provide for you a wide array of programs and itineraries including climbing, trekking, jungle safaris, rafting, and tours to both Tibet and Bhutan and are able to provide services for you throughout the year. All programs can be arranged before your arrival to Nepal and are fully-customizable to fit all of your desires and needs.

The company was founded by Hem Bahadur Mugrati, who was born in the Everest region and has been leading and organizing tours since 1992. We are fully-certified and affiliated with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), the Trekking Agent Association Nepal (TAAN), and the Kathmandu Education Environment Program (KEEP) and will provide for you tours that will allow you to experience whatever you wish while maintaining a high standard of ecologically-friendly travel that we hold to be very important in all that we do.

We can provide services for clients of all ages and abilities and have a team of guides who are fluent speakers of the English, French, and Spanish languages. We are able to organize everything that you will need for your travels, including flights, food, lodging, and anything else that you may need to make your travels one of the greatest experiences of your life. Here at the The Asia Adventure Nepal, we will do all that we can to serve you and to allow you to make your highest dreams and life-goals become realities.

We are From the Mountains and For the Mountains.

Our commitment to these principles (those principles are) has given us an approach that distinguishes us from other agencies. We are inspired to share our home and culture with the world while maintaining and protecting our cultural identity.

From the Mountains

Most other trekking agencies found in the tourist centers of Kathmandu, are lead by businessmen who have barely left a footprint in the mountains. In contrast, our founder and CEO, Hem Bahadur Mugrati, was born in the shadow of Everest near Lukla, the major portal for trekkers and adventure seekers to experience the "top of the world". He is a lifetime guide, who still leads treks in the most challenging and remote regions of the Himalayas. He personally trains every guide and porter thus ensuring their quality and caliber. The excellence of our guides and porters is also reflected in our accreditation by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), the Trekking Agent Association of Nepal (TAAN) and the Kathmandu Education Environment Program (KEEP).

Q Is this accreditation granted by these agencies based on a review of the competencies of guides and porters.

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We understand that a trek in the Himalayas is likely to be a very personal, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and we can guarantee that our passion, indeed our lifes work, will make your dream a reality.

For the Mountains

The mountains are our home. Every guide, porter, assistant all the way to the CEO, has lived and breathed the Top of the World for their entire lives. Our families live here, our children play here and our spirits reside here.We have a passion for sharing this beautiful land with the world while at the same time ensuring its natural beauty and cultural identity are protected.Moreover, we understand that these two goals (not sure that this is the right word) are inseparable and that we must approach both in a similar manner.

In other words, to address the personal desires of travelers who wish to experience this land, it is essential to protect its natural and cultural beauty. I think this can be deleted - it is redundant (repeated)

Strong Personal Approach

To accomplish these goals, we have positioned ourselves as agency for the traveler and take a Strong Personal Approach with each client, working to tailor an itinerary and budget that is in line with the desires and expectations of each unique traveler. We are a small and nimble company and our employees wear many hats, acting in any role necessary to satisfy our clients. We have cut out the middle man and in so doing have achieved dramatically reduced costs to be able to reach even the most shoestring budget. It is possible to pay 2-3 times more for a corporate travel agency with fixed tour dates leaving with groups of dozens of tourists, but much of that cost will be covering overhead, administration, and glossy brochures. Ask yourself what you would prefer on your personal journey: a faceless corporation just working to shuffle as many clients through its doors or the intimate attention of a local specialist who will walk with you (literally) every step of the way.

Social Responsibility

Nepal belongs to us and in our desire to share it with the world, it is essential that we strive to make efforts to maintain and grow its local culture. The commitment that we have to social responsibility is far more than simply keeping our trails clean. We believe that the cross cultural interaction that is brought by sharing Nepal with the world should be a source of inspiration for both Nepal and its visitors. This is why The Asia Adventure Nepal is extremely proud to state that we have established The Society for Universal Oneness, Nepal (sfuonepal.org), a fully accredited non-profit organization for the promotion of volunteer humanitarian and cross cultural projects across Nepal. That offers free volunteer opportunities as supplements to tours so that clients can enhance their Nepal experience by seeing both the extraordinary natural beauty combined with its unique cultural identity.Our approach of free volunteer experiences runs in direct opposition to the numerous NGOs and other agencies that offer volunteer work, often at steep prices of several hundred USD for even a few weeks placement, and demonstrates absolutely our commitment to our culture, our country and our future. Whether it be to address poverty, health, education, human rights or a number of other issues, we believe that these volunteering opportunities will be a significant part of both our clients experience and contribute greatly to the sustainability of this land.

Environment Friendly

Nepal is well know by the top of the world Mountain Everest and reach with myriad snowy peaks, drivers topography, numerous flora fauna, endangered species of animals, plants etc.
In the same time, rapid population growth, tourism, deforestation have been threat to environment of Nepali in the recent days. The mail problem is quit alarming and pressing issue for the future generation as well. So we are committed towards preserving the nature for its sustainable development. In our way of Trekking, Climbing and hiking conservation of nature doesnt reflect to disconnecting people form nature rather, it is an approach to promote the human nature relationship even stronger. Our hole working whoever working as their profession in the mountain we must respect our nature for our own survival and it has been matter of pride for us as Nepali is naturally enriched country. Spreading awareness and having sense of responsibility towards nature, we do our activities .We are very much conscious towards your safety trip and environmentally friendliness. More to point, Nepal is a beautiful nation with so many colorful festivals to enjoy and it sophisticated culture definitely reveals our true identity.

Our concern for saving environment of Nepal.

1.Dress appropriately while travelling in Nepal.
2.Take only photo and leave only footprints as you embark on journey.
3.Take permission before entering any temples or house.
4.respect natural aspects.
5.Dont fire on open place.
6.Leve campsite clean.
7.Use kerosene for cooking purpose.
8.Dont take photos without permission wither temple or people.
9.Protect natural aspect.
10.Dont pollute water sources.

Responsibility of tourism

The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd. is running by the highly experience guide and climber in Nepal since a decade. Its a totally team effort, a team comprising of experienced operators and technical stars always concerning to provide quality service to out clients. The Asia Adventure Nepal is as responsible for all the travelers who are seeking to enjoy either along the trails of hills or on the lap of mountains, in the greenery of forest or with the charm of wildlife.
Operating our challenging adventures business activities, we are equally concerned that it brings on real threat to the local environment, floras and faunas and indigenous customs and traditions. This is what we call responsible tourism which is creates better places for people to live in and better places to visit.
1.Minimize negative economic, environmentally and social impacts.
2.involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances.
3.Improve working conditions and access to the industry.
4.Generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities.
5.Give positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage embracing diversity.
6.Provides access for physically challenged people encourage between tourists and hosts and build local pride and confidence.
7.Provie more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connection with local people and greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmentally issues.

Our mission.

Hire local porters, products are emphasized and whatever stuffs needed and purchased from the local market is available.
When visitors purchase products from the local communities, their small or big amount goes a long way in helping to support the families to change their living standard.
We constantly plead various projects, either NGOs non government organizations or community based organizations to work for the benefit of the local inhabitants.
A small step taken by us can be handy to inspire the spirit of local people. We always look forward to collaborate with the local communities to work for mutual benefits.

From Our Clients

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