Safety is our #1 Priority

High adventure trekking and travel has many potential risks and dangers, but when carried out correctly with the appropriate precautions it can be an extremely safe and rewarding experience. The health and safety of our guests is paramount. Every member of our team is carefully selected based on their impeccable records in high adventure trekking, their dedication to safety, their unerring professional judgment and their responsible, supportive manner towards clients at all times.

We are fully aware of how something as minor as small headache can turn an expedition sour. Some of our trips are purposefully challenging (physically and mentally), but we carefully assess the personal abilities of each client every step of the way to ensure that they do not put themselves, or others, at undue risk. Our itineraries are carefully planned to allow for adequate acclimatization when trekking at high altitude and we are always highly alert, taking all necessary precautions with regard to changing weather and climate. We have experienced nearly every unexpected situation possible and each guide has extensive, certified training in mountain safety and Wilderness First Aid. They are acutely aware of the issues and challenges faced by visitors who have not grown up in the mountains and carry comprehensive first aid kits, pulse oximeters (that diagnose acute altitude sickness), GPS tracking devices and satelite phones, for use in emergency. Whilst it may seem excessive at times, we understand that our obsession with safety will ultimately enable you to enjoy your experience to the fullest. Your success is our success and that is why your safety is our priority.

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