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Land of natural beauty and mysticism

As a country, Nepal may boast the highest mountains in the world, wondrous landscapes, diverse wildlife and many adrenaline pumping activities, but there is much more going on beneath the surface. When you come here it is like going back to your roots. The people seem deeply in touch with something that westerners and free spirits alike come here searching for - some might call it peace, for others it is a connection to the earth or a primordial sense of freedom. People take their time and the rhythm of life is slow which brings to mind the lessons of the tortoise and the hair.. we believe that happiness is not in having and taking but in sharing and giving.

Described by travel writers as The Land of Paradise and A Living Cultural Museum, Nepal represents a melting pot of ancient heritage, colorful peoples and humble tradition. It is home to thirty six ethnic groups, speaking a total of seventy-five languages, living peacefully side by side for thousands of years. It is the birthplace of the Buddha himself, as well as the ancient Hindu Gods Sita and Shiva.

Nepals heritage remains alive and dynamic to this day. Its people are proud to host year-round festivals and celebrations, flocking to its temples, shrines and monasteries to honor the diversity of humankind, our many gods (including the living goddess "Kumari") and all living things. Shamanism, Pan-animism and Witchcraft are also still practiced in remote regions to this day.

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